Saturday, October 13, 2007

On Virtualization Technologies

Exhibit 1. Typical ROI Model (Source: Sun Virtualization Seminar)

Exhibit 2. Sun's Virtuozzo Infrastructure Model (Source: Sun's Virtualization Seminar)

Enhancing Virtualization to Consolidate and Reach Performance Optimization

A few months ago, prior to my presentation on grid computing at IOUG, I accepted an invitation from Sun Microsystems to attend their virtualization strategy seminar based on Virtuozzo, which had a dinner setting in the Bergen County. I learned about Virtuozzo, Sun strategic virtual technology, which uses Private Virtual Servers (PVPSs) from the physical server hardware. And I also expanded my knowledge on other software such as VMWare on competing platforms, namely, Linux and Windows. I also got further input about Xen standards. I had previously attending virtualization web seminars with Oracle (VPD and grid computing virtualization concepts) and Microsoft with Microsoft Virtual Server 2003. I had also worked with IBM LPARs with multi-level multi-tier fault-tolerance infrastructure.

Likewise, I had also being a practitioner of Virtual Network Computing using VNC Server/Client while teaching custom personalized Linux classes at Montclair State University, while a GA at the MBA MIS Lab, which I had previously used in several instance to control processes remotely with a higher level of security as a production DBA.

A few days ago, I received an email inviting me to entice others reading a virtual hosting, suggesting that it might be of interest to others. The email follows:

Rich McIver
to me

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Oct 8 (5 days ago)

Hi Anthony,

We recently published "25 Tools to Compile an In-Depth Dossier on a Competitors' Site " ( I figured I'd bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it useful.

Either way, keep up the great blogging!

Rich McIver

Virtual hosting is certainly an important strategy when it comes to achieving compliance and enhancing security and privacy. It is has an enormous impact on website performance and the image projected by a company from the cyberspace point of view, which could be applied as a marketing indicator for company positioning purposes.

Besides, I have also tested virtual servers with the Oracle10g Application Server, through which Oracle provides both IP and port mapping accordingly with full support of their Fusion middleware.

Indeed, in grid computing technology, virtualization generically brings a new layer of security, abstraction, and encapsulation from the database perspective, where resource pooling and automation can bring business and technology integration and consolidation. This virtualization tier is to be controlled optimally with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.

Since virtualization overall is key to grid computing infrastructure and business strategy it is highly relevant to include in this performance tuning blog. Furthermore, Oracle’s virtualization strategy is based on its grid computing infrastructure and its comprehensive fusion middleware. It is also a cost-effective strategy in larger scale in particular at a time when commodity operating systems (COS) are not meeting today’s data center requirements due to factors such as unplanned application and database growth.

While researching once more about virtualization technologies, I hit some interesting links like the following:

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