Saturday, October 6, 2007

Database Technology Synergy

Convergence and Database Operating Procedures

One of my French language teachers frequently used the expression “Qui n’est pas avec nous est contre nous”.  This literarily means “he who is not with us is against us”. While I could never understand whether it was a complement of or an equivalent to the biblical sentence, it always reminded me about his fraternal expectations from pupils and class mates in terms of loyalty and commitment to the French class and the learning of the language and the culture. In spite of being a Vietnam veteran, he had a very fraternal view of life, and a humanitarian one as a friend to everyone. I have always learned about this and recall his words when it comes to commonality and project management, and how this can affect solid careers without any biases.

When tuning databases and leading databases teams, as a Principal Consultant or Vice President, I have had the opportunity to acknowledge many events that can drive commonality for the database team, and entice participation from others, which in many instances lead to either team success or team reorganization to optimize all individual talents.

It takes a three-month study to have an entire corporation to change a simple parameter value such as CURSOR_SHARING from force to exact, which improved performance tuning in at least a few corporation where bind variables had historically caused bind variable related issues, which the knowledge of database administrators or developers for some time. Similarly, it took to bring commonality and team collaboration over individual skills to be able to resolve a SQL bind peaking affecting a clone database, which should have had equivalent performance as the original source database.

When working with grid computing infrastructure, it takes an army of resources to be able to establish a solid enhanced prototype, which can grow into a self-paced enhanced model; while a staging strategy can be achieved to reach database and networking infrastructure milestones, and gradually managing, controlling and tuning, targets, OMS’s, agents, beacons, blackouts, and finally achieving a truthful grid computing infrastructure that thoroughly integrates and optimizes resources, achieves automation, and integrates technology overall. The Oracle Fusion Middleware is there to be together and synergize and place Oracle’s M over any major infrastructure convergence concerns.
Such Oracle’s messaging technology works quite well in partnership with IBM MQ, and so does with MQMS, Tibco, and other middleware messaging technologies. It establishes channels that are open, as much as the people that work in interaction with heterogeneous technologies.

When working in globalization of database and portals, working with the decision-making on the most convenient database and national character sets, Java resource bundling strategies and other relevant, the achievement of a consistent platforms that can also possibly support compression and encryption, and optimize performance on partitioning is more relevant and even more difficult when dealing with regulatory constraints, and not just to human interaction factors. A disaster recovery/business continuance team (DR/BC) can confront similar circumstances if a compliance regulatory procedure leads delaying high-availability architecture and infrastructure enhancements.

In negotiating procedures to establish new architectures, e.g., when using Streams AQ and replication, in order to achieve a safer infrastructure for your RAC database residing in an iSCSI-based IP-SAN, database administrators, SAN administrators, and system administrator may have a variety of concerns that are usually discussed with the information technology manager, CIO and CTO, before finally reaching synergy and commonality over all the relevant infrastructure and making a consistent decision over a final architecture. Then collaboration comes in place…

Pro-active people can reach this type of synergy and being together and collaborate into reaching database operating procedures goals most efficiently. Because a greater amount of dedication, loyalty, inspiration, and a stronger character is needed today to overcome convergence, and achieve business compliance consistently, it is significantly important to state that those that are with us in the working place are certainly with us in heart and being loyal to and consistent with career goals. It brings great inspiration to state that those that are not with us are not necessarily against us.

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