Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting Started: Who I am...

I will be discussing important topics about how to best enhance Oracle's skills. The most interesting aspects of my technical career do not start with an IBM partner working experience, but in the roots of becoming involved with Oracle nearly 17 years ago, and having been involved on every release since then as a DBA, developer, analyst, architect. An IT/Oracle consultant in one word.

On the one hand, I dedicated a significant amount of time to my education, and independently I have been involved with database technology since 1984 and with Oracle continuously since 1991.

Some of the topics that I plan to discuss based on my expertise first are as follows:

- Reinventing the functionality of Oracle Multiple Block Size databases.
- RMAN Metrics
- Oracle document management
- From Oracle10g to Oracle11g new features
- The future on database technology: matching emerging and future technology needs
- Oracle Messaging Technologies and its functionality in SOA and the Fusion Middleware
- Datawarehousing: Pure ETL
- Grid Computing and the Art of Network Computing Optimization

Well, I hope I get some hits and would like to hear from others, and respectfully encourage an open discussion accordingly.

I would hope that some Oracle technologists have referred to my papers on multiple block size database available at IOUG and NYOUG repositories.

I would also like to share some of the pictures from IOUG.

1. At Excalibur pool. (Photo taken by British princess)
2. At Exhibition's hall