Friday, December 18, 2015

Oracle Virtual Clusterware for the Cloud Box

My Presentation (Executive Summary and Slides) at the NYOUG 2015 General Meeting at BMCC in New York, NY


In a world of containers, virtual boxes (VMs), logical (LPARs) and physical partitions (PPARs), Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and other virtualization approaches, a real implementation of virtual platforms has not been accomplished for a specific purpose. Therefore, tuning a virtual machine to handle a production database is quite a specialized drill for Architects, DBAs, and even Developers. Likewise, attaining the goal of simulating an environment such as an engineered system in order to demonstrate application performance could be less expensive but somewhat surreal when attempting to measure its true workload. This presentation will discuss best practices for optimal Oracle12c Clusterware availability, performance, scalability, and reliability. It will also describe how to coordinate strategies for Oracle12c stack management and cloud integration from a comprehensive and clear ITIL perspective and discuss methods and techniques to overcome installation and maintenance issues and prevent downtime. While one can install and utilize Oracle Virtual Clusterware in a one potentially unbounded virtual box, and create there a cost-effective cluster database to further implement technologies, such as ASM ADVM, ACFS, and RAT, among others, Oracle12c Virtual Clusterware framework could also hold 2, 4, 2^n, or thousands of nodes successfully for optimal cloud production.

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