Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oracle Unveils Solaris 11 in New York

Oracle Solaris 11, simply extraordinary

Yesterday, November 9, I attended the launch of Oracle Solaris 11. The presentations were lead by keynote speakers, Oracle President Mark Hurd, and Executive Vice President, John Fowler, who introduced the new features of what Oracle now calls the first operating system fully intended for cloud computing.
Among the key features highlighted, I can highlight the following:
  • Co-engineered with Oracle Stack
  • Native support to run with SuperCluster, T-4, and Exadata/Exalogic servers and ZFS storage appliance for optimal Cloud elasticity
  • ZFS Virtualized Pool Storage
  • Built for Cloud Infrastructures
  • Leading transactional capability through Oracle Sun servers benchmarks
  • Fault-tolerance automatic troubleshooting monitoring
  • Enhanced built-in security for cloud authoring and authentication
  • Native virtualization for the cloud
  • Stack-driven fault tolerance
  • High-availability capability
  • Unified Upgrade/Patch transparent method and strategy
  • Built-in Support for Solaris10 environment
  • Multi-tenancy built-in support
  • Zone/Container Resource Management
  • Unlimited Boot Environments
After the keynotes presentation, a panel of Oracle Sun engineers followed, involving an interesting discussion on the several years Oracle Sun Solaris 11 took to complete.

Finally, a customer panel followed the engineers' discussion, in which customers related their previous experience was recounted. Customers also listed their expectations on how they will upgrade to and work with Solaris 11.

Over 700 customers worldwide have already adopted Solaris11 for their production environments, by the time its Oracle official launch took place at Gothan Center in the City of New York on November 9, 2011.

Excerpts from the Oracle Solaris 11 Launching Event

John Fowler makes his keynote speech on Solaris11

An Oracle Sun engineer discusses a new feature in Solaris 11.

AnSteve Wilson, Oracle VP of Engineering, discusses a new feature in Solaris

An Oracle Sun engineer discusses a new feature in Solaris 11.
For a complete view of the New York launch presentations, you are welcome to visit the Oracle website at:

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